Collapsible Water Containers

Collapsible water container mini Ekotanks are easy to use, lightweight, handy and space saving. Ekotank collapsible water containers are produced in capacities of 5, 10 and 20 liters. These containers are typically used in relief work, distribution of water in smaller quantities, personal use and storing other non-corrosive types of liquids

Typical Applications

  • Water container for camping or mountain-hiking.
  • The necessary item in the tool box for your car.
  • Suitable for traveling or group’s gathering.
  • Water container in case of emergency.
  • Water container for family usage

Item Code Capacity Full Capacity Folded Dimension
Code Liter W L H W L H
EKOSB05 5 18 18 22 17 17 6
EKOSB10 10 22.5 22.5 27 20 20 6
EKOSB20 20 29 29 33.5 26 26 7
Warning !

  • Don’t fill with danger or corrosive chemical liquid when use domestically.
  • To avoid danger, keep this product far from fire or high temperature.
  • Keep this product away from sharp objects
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