Closed type Galaxy

Ekotank produces a wide variety of collapsible fabric tanks also known as pillow bladders both for temporary and long term liquid storage. Our tanks hold water, various chemicals, oil, gases, effluents and slurries. Capacities from 300 liters to 300.000 liters are available. Ekotank Galaxy tanks are easily transported and installed quickly with little or no on-site preparation. Bladder have endless applications and typically used for military operations, relief efforts, rural construction sites and many commercial areas. Specialized materials are available for a variety of applications. Please consult our sales team to choose the best material and types of fittings for your needs.

Ekotank SuperGalaxy is capable to store diesel, jet A-1 fuel, oils, kerosene and various type chemicals. Please contact our sales team for more details and a quotation. Ekotank is a proud supplier of Turkish Military and surrounding armed forces in North Africa and Middle East region.

Advantages of Ekotank Galaxy

  • Conserves the quality of water
  • UV resistant
  • Closed system to keep contaminants out
  • Collabsible and Compact
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Transportation
  • Durable
  • Passes rigorous quality control tests
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions
  • Delivered as a complete kit with all accessories in one box
Sample Applications
Capacity Chart

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